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Personal journey in my learning of the Swift Programming language.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Impulse Coupled Development

UPDATED: August 2018

Impulse Coupled Development is a Sole Proprietorship formed in Rosemount Minnesota of the United States. I may change this privacy policy from time to time by updating this page. An in-app notification will also be given in any of Impulse Coupled Development’s mobile apps should this privacy policy ever change.

What personal information is collected?

In short, None.

In the “MN Breweries” app the user must grant permission for the app to use their current location. The location is needed to determine the nearest brewery to the user as well as generate directions to a selected brewery. 

  • Location information is not collected or stored by Impulse Coupled Development.
  • Location information is not sold to any third parties or analyzed by Impulse Coupled Development in any manner. 
  • No personal user data is collected within the “MN Breweries” app.

In the “AR WatchBands” app the user must grant permission for the app to use the camera on the device. The camera is needed for the sole purpose of image recognition. The app will recognize the image displayed on the users Apple Watch. This allows the app to overlay various watch bands on the users wrist in augmented reality. 

  • Photos can not be taken or stored within the app.
  • No access is given to the users photo library.
  • No personal user data is collected within the “AR WatchBands” app.

Company Info.

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact me via email.

Thank you!

- Dan O'Leary


AR Watch Bands

AR Watch Bands