Beer Keeper

With so many beers and ciders I wanted to be pragmatic about my choices. At least to begin with anyway before beer started to affect the decision tree.

Technical Debt

Regardless of the name the presence of a time of day is throwing off my calculations and I do not know how to eliminate it. Just getting this far has taken me over a month. It's the closest I've come and therefore I'm moving forward.

What’s In A Name?

The idea of a slow but deliberate action (the winding of the spring) progressing toward eventual output (the production of a spark) seems similar to me to app development.

Creating Lift

Creating code from only an idea and taking it to functionality and usefulness might feel like designing a wing then watching it create its own lift.


In an afternoon working between Xcode and Pixelmator I was able to go from trepidation over my upcoming Meet Up class, to a functioning sticker pack.

Known to Unknown

I have long held the opinion that a person can truly learn anything they wish. Given time desire and persistence one can gain knowledge and understanding in any subject area they choose.